Monthly Archives: April 2017

Drawing the line – respecting boundaries

The meeting of differences is called contact. The event that is created by this meeting of differences is called contact boundary. The meeting of sand and the sea is contact, the shoreline is contact boundary. We do not passively meet our environment. We pick and choose and at the same time are picked and chosen. […]

Opposites attract

Opposites attract. Joined opposites lead to the balance of the whole. One relationship pattern that is apparently present in every couple dynamic is, in Imago therapy terms, called maximizer and minimizer relationship. Maximizers are in general more extroverted and socially outgoing while minimizers are more passive and do not initiate social contact. In a relationships […]

Unconditional love

How do some of us end up in a series of the similar relationship with the same outcome and dynamic? Why do they all remind us of, and why do they feel like our relationship with one of our parents? Patterns of our behavior in each is astonishingly similar and the outcome is failure supported […]