Sensory awareness

We rarely appreciate how our senses provide us a great source of wisdom when we can allow it. When we’re more in touch with our sensations, free of the limitations of our busy thoughts, habitual attitudes and self-absorption, our lives are greatly enriched. At these times we experience a more freshly alive and deeper connection whit what is happening in the present moment.

Developing this ability is the focus of Sensory Awareness. Growing out of work of Elsa Gindler and in Germany and later developed by Charlotte Selver in the United States, Sensory Awareness (also known as Sensing) strives to reawaken our potential to be more embodied and wholehearted present in what we do. Through direct, in-depth experimentation, this mindfulness enhancing study works to reacquaint us with the full, rich realm our bodily felt experiencing. In this process as sensations and responses which have been habitually restricted become revived, dysfunctional tensions, attitudes and habits fall away and we become more truly and deeply ourselves, more grounded in the here and now.

With today’s abundance of stress and distractions it can be easy to mindlessly go through life on automatic pilot and feel cut off from one’s deeper self.

Mindful awareness helps us gain a clearer perspective about what is really going on and more clearly perceive the forest from the trees. When we’re more present, we become more conscious of what we do, and more sensitive in our connection with others.

Often by focusing sensing on an area that feels restricted or stuck, unconsciously held emotions become more conscious and can express themselves. In this way we empower our own bodily wisdom to come into play, and thereby allow an opportunity for needed changes to happen. Something perhaps may desire to move or stretch or express a sound or allow deeper breathing etc. In this process much important material may come into awareness and be expressed verbally or in other ways.

Sensory awareness offers deep learning regarding stress reduction, energy conservation, structural economy and more natural ways of being. The approach is through each person’s unique organism as a whole – the living totality within which all our faculties arise. This experience of exploring, freeing and deepening our innate potentials can, if we follow through, have far reaching consequences in all spheres of our lives.

Sensory awareness when practiced feels like child’s play. Much of done is simple, unsophisticated, exploratory and it often leads to spontaneous.

Through Sensory Awareness, we are able to live more fully in the world, rediscovering the wisdom and interconnection of our bodies and our minds – our whole selves and reclaiming our natural being.

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