Working with dreams

Dreamwork differs from classical dream interpretation in that the aim of the work is to explore the various images and emotions that a dream presents and evokes, while not attempting to come up with a single unique dream meaning.

In Dreamwork the dreamer explores deeper meanings of the dream and only a dreamer knows for certain what his/her dream means.Each person explores dreams using unique dream language. Dreams are formulations and continuations of waking thoughts, concerns, emotions, and memmories and are therefore unique to each individual. Thus, only that individual can verify the purpose, message, or meaning of the dream.

Every part of the dream is a part of the dreamer – not just a person, but every item, every mood, everything that comes across (Perls).

Several techniques are used to interpret the dream, but the dreamer is instructed to recount the dream like it is happening in the present. Instead „I was running through a narrow corridor and I could hardly move“, narration goes into direction „I am running through narrow corridor and I can hardly move“. The dreamer is instructed to focus on the part of the dream, feelings, items, people, that catch his attention in the moment of retelling and to proceed further into exploration often leading to the “aha” moments that lead to deep self-exploration and self-awareness.

The dreamworkthrough may actually never return to the dream itself but rather responds to its existential message about the dreamer’s life.

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